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Corporate profile

Name KODAMA PLASTICS Co., Ltd. Head Office Plant
Representative Eiichi Kodama, President
Initiation February 1927
Foundation May 1957
Capital 90 million yen (as of March 2010)
Employees 300 (as of March 2010)
1. Comprehensive manufacturer of blow-molded and injection-molded plastic products with a 75% market share for large blow-molded products in Japan.
2. Certified according to ISO9001, we manufacture high-quality products and establish a production system and know-how to meet every need.
3. While obtaining ISO14001, we have been actively involved in environmental protection and developed EcoMark certified products. *only at Head Office Plant, Yokoi Plant, and the Ikeda Plant.
4. The only company in the world to achieve molding under class 100 clean environment.
Product characteristics
1. Long-time experience of production and equipments for molding small-size containers (0.1 L) to large-size containers (1,000 L) for meeting diverse needs.
2. By utilizing plastic's characteristics, we can freely create products of various colors and forms to have a market in various industries, such as chemical, construction, agricultural machinery, and logistic industry.
Membership of professional institutions
Japan: Japan Polyethylene Products Industrial Federation
Japan Plating Suppliers Association
Gifu Industry Associates
Gifu Plastic Industrial Association
Overseas: MIPI(Mauser International Packaging Institute)
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Organization chart

Organization chart
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