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Executive message

Creating containers with our hope for tomorrow
Thank you for visiting our KODAMA PLASTICS home page.
Our company began operation in 1927 and has been working on the development and manufacturing of molded products using plastics since 1964. With our proactive business attitude, we constantly challenge ourselves with a resolution in developing and innovating technologies for meeting our customers' needs as a leading large-size plastic blow-molding products manufacturer in Japan.
Our company’s container manufacturing started from a bamboo basket for glass bottles, and we still continue to embark on challenges with a mantra of “giving a shape to the needs of the time” for maufacturing products with quality and performance that satisfy the needs of the age based on our motto of “reliability and user friendly.”
Eiichi Kodama, President
For quality and environment, we are certified according to ISO9001 (international quality assurance standard) and ISO14001. We are actively engaged in environmental protection and recycling, and we have been developing and marketing EcoMark certified products.
In addition, we have 6 L to 1000 L container lineups that are certified according to the UN standard (The UN standard for hazardous material transportation by ship and storage rules). Our constant challenge in quality, as well as accumulation of long experience in plastic development and molding technology, enabled us to become a trusted manufacturer for reliable and safe containers.
For safety, we have started our activities to introduce OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), and we are aiming to become a company with a system to pursue safety and reliability.
For production, we have five plants throughout Japan to meet our customers' needs. The Ikeda plant produces 0.5 L to 200 L clean containers under class 100 environment to contribute to society and deliver to a wide range of high-purity chemical manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
Although the world is rapidly changing, our corporate mission remains the same, which is to think from the customers’ viewpoint and strive to meet their expectation. With this mission, we will continue to challenge ourselves to improve quality and reduce cost. We appreciate your continuous cooperation and advice in the years to come.
Eiichi Kodama, President
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