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Quality / environment

Basic Quality policy
We strive to provide quality that meets our users' demand and contribute to society through such efforts.
Quality policy May 1, 2010
1. Based on customer-first attitude, we offer products and services of safe/satisfactory/reliable quality.
1. Include everyone's participation in cost reduction activity and aim to achieve higher productivity.
Course of Action May 1, 2010
1. The starting point of customer satisfaction lies in our customers.
2. Thorough efforts in streamlining and productivity improvement.
3. Everyone to practice quality-first principle, quickly grasp, and respond to customers' needs.
4. Apply PDCA cycle and achieve continuous improvement to sustain and enhance quality in every process and operation.
5. Carry out continuous improvement in every process and operation based on the Japanese business philosophy of the Three Reals, which emphasizes going to the actual place, the actual part, and the actual situation when verifying to comprehend the actual situation properly.
6. Conduct safety and health education in a systematic way to raise an awareness of safety and health.
ISO9001 certificate,Certificate of JIS certification mark system
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Basic principles
Through its business activities of manufacturing/marketing plastic products such as industrial/electronic chemicals/food container, agricultural/industrial/environmental products, KODAMA PLASTICS Co., Ltd. acknowledges that conserving the regional environment is one of the main issues for all mankind and it takes environmentally responsible action in every phase of its business activity to protect the global environment.
Environmental policy May 1, 2010
1. We always acknowledge environmental aspects that we can affect and control through our business activities, products and services, and we promote prevention of environment pollution while making continuous efforts to improve environmental management system.
2. Regarding environmental issues, we meet applicable legal requirements and other requirements agreed by the company.
3. Among environmental issues related to our business activity, we will work on the following issues as our key themes of environment management.
(1) Reduction of CO2 emission (energy saving activity)
(2) Improvement of product efficiency (resource saving activity)
(3) Reduction of scrap plastics (resource saving activity)
(4) Marketing of environmentally responsible products
4. We set our environmental objective and target to accomplish our environmental policy and conduct a regular review.
5. We communicate the environmental policy to all employees and all other people working for our company as well as to the general public to raise environmental awareness.
ISO14001 certificate
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