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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We believe that appropriate protection and correct handling of personal information is the basis of business activity and an important social responsibility. To fulfill this responsibility, we are committed to protect personal information to the best of our ability based on the following policies stipulated for personal information protection.
1. Compliance with the law
We will comply with laws concerning personal information and other related regulations, establish company rules with this protection policies, and continue to make improvements.
2. Information management
We will appropriately manage personal information and apply necessary measures according to related regulations and policies to prevent leakage / loss / tampering of personal information.
3. Attainment and use of information
We will obtain personal information using suitable methods to appropriately and efficiently perform our business activities. Upon obtaining personal information, we inform the affected persons in advance about the purpose of use and we use only information necessary for that purpose.
4. Information provision to third parties
We will not provide personal information to third parties without agreement unless the provision of information to third parties is approved by regulations/policies concerned and/or the recipient of the information is not defined as third party by law such as consignment. In addition, when we provide information, we will choose the information that meets necessary standards of personal information management and work out an arrangement to protect personal information.
5. Disclosure/correction, etc.
If a person request for disclosure / correction of personal information, we will verify the person's identification and make prompt and reasonable responses based on the law.
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